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The Missouri Department of Mental Health is pleased to announce the availability of FREE library display kits on the following topics:

April 2014—Autism Awareness Month

April 2014—Alcohol Awareness Month

May 2014—Mental Health Awareness Month

These display kits are designed for use in public libraries to promote awareness surrounding the topics.
They are tailored to the general public audience. The kits will include fact sheets, posters, bookmarks, brochures, stickers, etc. You just need to add BOOKS!

Together we can raise awareness and public understanding, battle stigma and discrimination, and shed light on the many issues that impact individuals and families living with developmental disabilities, addiction disorders and mental illness. Supplies are limited – orders will be honored on a first come, first serve basis.   Kits will be mailed to the contact person 1-2 weeks prior to the selected awareness months.

Participant Requirements:

This program is sponsored by a Library Services Technology Assistance Grant administered by the Missouri Department of Mental Health.

For more information, please contact: